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Monika Zagrobelna
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How to Paint Fur with Ambient Light

When you paint fur, what you’re actually doing is painting the shadows between the strands of hair. These shadows appear even if the light is…

three point lighting in painting

Three-Point Lighting in Digital Painting

There’s this concept in photography called “three-point lighting”, where you use three types of light to properly accentuate the form of your subject. We can…

How to Learn to Draw by Tracing

Tracing has a real bad name in the artistic community, and for a good reason—an artist can spend years to learn how to draw a…

How to Fix Proportions in Your Drawing

Let’s say you’re drawing something from a photo reference, and you can see something is wrong—you’re not sure what exactly, but your drawing looks different…

How to Draw on a Tablet: Brushes for Beginners

Learn how to create and use digital brushes customized to your needs.

Canine Ankle Anatomy: Reference Sheet

Reference sheets for both bones and muscles of a dog/canine ankle, all views. Free for educational use!

Best Resources for Studying Animal Anatomy

If you want to draw realistic creatures from imagination, you have to be familiar with animal anatomy. It’s a fascinating subject, but it can be…

How to Draw Fur: Fluffy Fur + Fur Brush Set

Learn how to draw fluffy fur in Autodesk SketchBook. Free brush set included!

Drawing 101: How to Draw Proportions

Proportions are probably the most important element of realistic drawing. No matter how much time you spend on your artwork, if you mess up the…

A Shadow Cat: The Making of

Here’s how I paint my colored cats! Keep in mind it’s not a real tutorial, I just wanted to share my current process with you.…