I’ve got permission to re-upload my SketchBook tutorials on this blog! I no longer have them, but I’m going to retrieve the text through Wayback Machine, and bring the images back from my backup drive. I also got access to a database of my tutorial that one my fans, @purelyconstructive, has saved on his disk.

This means a lot of manual work, but I’m going to bring them one by one, starting with the most popular ones (cats, dogs, horses). I’m sorry it took so long to solve this issue, but I’m just happy that the tutorials will be available again. I hope that people who stumble upon the dead links online will find their way here! You can help by adding these “new” tutorials to Pinterest.

I tried to set up newsletter, so that you could get informed once the tutorials start coming back, but it doesn’t work… yet. You can subscribe, but there are some problems with the links. So if you subscribe now, you’ll be informed, but you’ll have to visit the blog manually. You’ve been warned! 😛

EDIT: newsletter should be working properly now.