Monika Zagrobelna
Monika Zagrobelna
June 9, 2019 0 Comments News

What Happened to My SketchBook Tutorials?

As you might have noticed, the site now redirects to . This is because SketchBook Blog has moved to a different platform. As a result, the tutorials I wrote for SketchBook Blog in the past are no longer available under the old address… or anywhere else. I have informed SketchBook team about the…

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May 29, 2019 0 Comments Deconstruction, Tutorial

Horns Study

Dragons often have horns, just like meany real animals. So if I want to paint realistic dragon horns, the best way is to take a closer look at real horned animals. Here’s how I did it and what I learned: 1: Sketch As always, I started with a simple sketch—not too clean, just showing the…

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May 13, 2019 0 Comments Deconstruction, Tutorial

Animal Mouth Study

The last time, when I painted a dragon with an open mouth, I had some troubles with its look. I decided to study animal mouths to get a little more experience and to be less reliant on references the next time I design a creature. Here’s how I did it! 1: Line Art Nothing new…

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May 9, 2019 0 Comments Artwork, Deconstruction

The Ash Dragon: The Making Of

I painted this dragon for fun, but also to experiment with adding a pattern to the scales in a natural way. I ended up with something quite interesting! Keep scrolling if you want to see the process. 1: Line Art As always, I sketched the lines first. It’s impossible to paint scales if you don’t…

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April 23, 2019 0 Comments Deconstruction

The Ice Dragon: the Making of

Recently I had a chance to draw the un-dead Viserion from Game of Thrones for a video tutorial for Envato Tuts+. The tutorial was only about drawing, but the line art I’ve ended up with was too pretty to leave it empty! So I painted it, using this opportunity to practice painting scales as seen…

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March 24, 2019 0 Comments Tutorial

How to Draw a Big Cat Head

I’ve been studying feline heads for a few years now with a goal to understand them completely, to be able to create new species without any references. If this alone wasn’t difficult enough, I also wanted to develop a “recipe” that could potentially be used for other mammals, or the carnivores at least. I think…

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March 7, 2019 0 Comments Artwork, Tutorial

Realistic Spyro Painting Process

I’ve never played Spyro, but recently I’ve been watching my husband play the reignited edition and I started to wonder how Spyro would look if he was a “real” dragon. So here’s my idea. I also recorded the process, so you can watch how it was created. I made it sped up enough to keep…

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February 19, 2019 0 Comments Tutorial

Bird Wings Animation: Tutorial + Template

Some time ago I started to create a simple animation of bird wings, just to remind myself how they work. I worked on it in my free time, and it grew from something simple to something quite neat, so I decided to create a mini tutorial out of it. I also created a PSD file…

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January 27, 2019 0 Comments Deconstruction, Tutorial

Red Dragon Head: Process + Video

Recently I found this photo of earless monitor lizards, and I loved how dragon-like their scales looked, so I decided to study them. But to make it more interesting, I decided to paint these scales on a dragon instead of simply copying the lizards. The final result looks quite cool, although I’m still quite far…

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