Last year I hosted a Get a Tablet for Christmas contest—a chance for young, poor artists to get into digital art. I bought two models of Wacom Intuos Draw S for two artists, but there were many more entries. That’s why I’d love to host such a contest again! However, this year was not so good for me financially. That’s where I need your help. I’m selling my #inktober 2018 drawings for $10 (+ shipping costs of about $5) to get funds for this contest. Every buyer will be listed as an official sponsor, and will have a chance to vote for the winner/winners.

– pick a number of the drawing you want to buy (they’re all available in my Instagram gallery) and comment under this post (or on IG). If it’s available, I’ll contact you for details
– you can donate more than $10 if you wish!
– there’s no limit of drawings per person
– paid through PayPal

We already gathered enough for one tablet, but I’m sure we can do better! If you have $10 to spare, and want to do something good for Christmas, this is your chance 🙂