Digital drawing is amazing, but you can’t do it efficiently without a graphics tablet. The smallest ones are not expensive, but no cheap is cheap enough when you don’t have your own money, and your parents don’t take your passion for drawing seriously. They may not understand that this “toy” can affect all your future, transforming your hobby into a profession. I can say for sure my small Wacom Bamboo changed my life in ways I couldn’t even imagine when I first bought it. I think many of you have the same potential, but it will never have a chance to reveal itself without proper tools.

This is the intention behind my “Get a tablet for Christmas” contest. Last year I gifted Wacom Intuos Draw S to two artists, but there were many more entries. That’s why this year I’m doing this again—with help of amazing people who decided to donate for this cause:, @collaatje, @matt_geo, @wolfnightv4x1, and Cesar R Nufio. If you want to help, too, you can do it by buying one of my Inktober drawings for $10. Here’s how!

And if you want to take part in the contest, the rules are very simple:

  • fill an A4 page with sketches (any topic you like)
  • send scan/photo of the page to my email: with a subject “contest submission”
  • contest ends on Dec 7
  • the winners will be announced on Dec 15

IMPORTANT: currently I have funds for only one winner. If you want to help me get funds for more tablets and increase your chances of winning, please share the info about my Inktober sale, for example on Instagram, on Facebook, or here on the blog. Every like and share helps! I’ll be accepting the donations until the end of the contest.