There were 18 beautiful entries this year, and as always the choosing process was pretty painful for me, but after long consideration I managed to pick the winner:

The winner of this year’s edition is Sonia from Poland, and this is her submission:

contest winner

I’ve chosen Huion H580X as the prize—it’s a nice medium size tablet, good for both beginners and professionals. Sonia will also receive the license for Sketchbook Pro, kindly sponsored by the Sketchbook team!

winner tablet confirmation

If you’ve participated in the contest, and now you’re bummed that you didn’t win, remember not to compare yourself to the winner—I can assure you that there was nothing wrong with your artwork! I could choose only one winner, which means I had to reject the others—there’s just no other way to do that 🙁

Keep in mind that I’ve been doing this contest for 6 years, so it’s very likely I’ll do it again next year—so you’ll have another chance!