Long story short, I’ve launched a Patreon page! But this isn’t just a page that you can pledge to to support me in creating art—it’s something completely different.

I’m going to do a cat écorché—cover a plastic cat skeleton with all the muscles, one by one. I’m going to create plenty of notes for each muscle, and share them with you—so you can use them as a feline anatomy atlas for artists, or a cat anatomy course!

I’ve made a couple of first posts available for free, so that you could see if that’s something that could be helpful to you. And if it is, you can pledge to one of the tiers to join my in this study. If you can’t afford supporting me right now, you can simply wait to the end of this study—then you’ll be able to access all the posts for a one-time payment of $5!

cat splenius anatomy

This is going to be a huge study, so I hope your support will give me motivation to go through with it. And it will certainly be more fun with an audience!

You can join my Patreon here.

cat spine muscles